Subclass 408 – Post COVID19 AGEE

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The Australian Government has introduced a new event under the Temporary Activity Visa, subclass 408 to assist with the Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery of Australia. The visa will be available during 27 February 2021 and 22 June 2022.

The new visa stream will enable any overseas business who wishes to set up operations in Australia, and is intending to transfer their existing staff to manage the company set-up.

The visa applicant must be endorsed in writing by the employer as a key member of staff required to assist with the relocation of their business to Australia.

The overseas business must also be approved for coordinated facilitation from the Australian Government’s Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce or for a business looking at setting up in South Australia, endorsement from the South Australian Government to take part in Supporting Innovation in the state.

The visa term is available for up to 4 years and costs $310 per adult and $80 per child.

This new stream under 408 AGEE is particularly helpful to new businesses as they will be able to apply immediately without the need to establish a overseas Sponsorship and navigate the typical Temporary Skill Shortage, subclass 482 visa which also includes high government application fees compared to the subclass 408.

It is also advantageous compared to the subclass 482 visa as evidence to support Labour Market Testing, English Language and Annual Market Salary Rate is not a feature to the subclass 408 visa.

The instrument in association with the new AGEE event – the Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery Event is attached here.

This Instrument specifies the class of person that may be eligible for the grant of a Subclass 408 Temporary Activity under Reg 408.229(c) in relation to this Economic Recovery Event as follows:

(a)are employed full time as an essential staff member of a business that:

(i) is relocating to Australia and

(ii) will assist in Australia’s response to the economic effects of COVID-19; and

(b) will assist with the establishment of the business’s operations in Australia; and

(c) make an application for a Subclass 408 visa in relation to the event between 27 February 2021 and 30 June 2022; and

(d) have not previously been granted a Subclass 408 visa in relation to the event specified in 408.229(b).

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