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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, 27 March 2021– Life Relocation Pty Ltd have today announced plans to change its corporate name to Pendlebury Immigration Partners, following the company’s shift in focus away from destination services to immigration services in recent years. 

By changing its name to Pendlebury Immigration Partners, the company wishes to reflect its focus on its sole competency of immigration services, rather than diluting competencies to service the broad spectrum of relocation services. The name change will also allow for a more robust and targeted team to be built around immigration services. 

As the company has evolved through the years, they’ve grown and tailored their service offering to suit the needs of their customers. Their goal has always been to help their corporate and independent clients make their move to Australia one of ease. The Life Relocation name, widely known for its brand recognition in immigration services, has built a reputation of trust, reliability and precision and will continue to operate according to these attributes under their new name.  

For potential clients, the new corporate identity will ensure they understand Pendlebury Immigration Partners’ core competencies clearly from the outset. For existing clientele, the change in corporate name will have no negative impact on how we conduct business and correspond moving forward. Aside from alterations to branding and marketing material, Pendlebury Immigration Partners will continue to operate under the same team and in the same offices. 

“I am really excited to announce our new corporate branding that simply says exactly what we provide as a service! Our new name is like a fresh new wardrobe for 2021. We’re still the same company, but with a revived look to complement how motivated we are to continue to strive for excellence for our clients, many of whom we have been partnering with for years, and hopefully, many more to come” – Linda Pendlebury, CEO and Founder of Pendlebury Immigration Partners