Rental Application Advice for New Arrivals to Australia

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Be prepared!

One of the first tasks when moving to Australia is finding a new home. This often means navigating the rental market and can seem daunting prospect rates are low in most major Australian cities, meaning multiple applications for rentals.

How can you ensure your application stands out from the crowd?

Preparation is key. Supplying the agent with all the information and supporting documents makes it easier and quicker for them to process your application.

Many agents accept 1Form applications, so creating a profile and adding your documents in advance of your home search is a great start. Each adult applying will need to create a 1Form login and upload key documents separately. Once prepared, the application can be used for as many applications as you like.

Documents requested:

– ID – Photo ID for each applicant is essential. Agents may request 100 points of ID; a passport and driver’s licence will meet this requirement. Alternatively, you can supply birth certificates, utility bills, or bank statements.

– Proof of income – Generally, these would be the last three payslips you have received. However, if you are starting a new job, you can provide your Employment Contract or a Letter of Employment from the company. Ask your company for this in advance, so you have it ready to supply. Recent bank statements can also help to show that you have sufficient funds.

-Rental history – As a new arrival, you are unlikely to have a local rental history; however you can use other options to support your application and prove you would be a great tenant. If you have rented or sold a property in your home country, ask the agent for a reference letter stating the condition of the property. If you have pets, a reference from a neighbour or vet can also be helpful.

A short statement explaining your situation and why you really like the house helps give some background information. 1Form also has a section where you can provide further details about yourself and your family or this could be sent directly to the agent as a separate email.

When you attend the property inspection, do introduce yourself to the agent showing you the property and advise them if you intend to apply or have already submitted an application.

You may also consider using the service of a Relocation Consultant to help you with your home search and applications. We can provide further details of Destination Service Providers in the major cities of Australia.