Australian Visa Application Fee increases from 1 July

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The annual increase on the Australian visa application charges has been announced, commencing from 1 July 2021.

The Department have set increases for a number of visa subclasses by the forecasted CPI of 1.75% which has been rounded to the nearest $5.00.
The visa application charges for the Business Innovation & Investment Programme have been increased by 11.345% in addition to the 1.75% increase as previously announced by the Department.

Not all visa application charges have changed (although most have) and in some cases, it will only be the primary applicants base charge or for others, it may only be for dependant applicants included in the application.

There has been no annual increase on fees that directly relate to Business Sponsorships, company nominations and Skilling Australia Fund Levy (SAF)

Citizenship Application Charges

In addition to visa charge increases, there has been an increase on the Citizenship Fees, full details are attached in the news link.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Lodgement Fees
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal are increasing the fees for review of decisions relating to visa decisions other than protection visas. The increase also applies to reviews for employer sponsored sponsorship and nomination decisions.
The fee to lodge an application will be $3,000 as of 26 June 2021.

Federal Court and Tribunal Fees

The Federal Courts have also increased their fees and information can be found in the most recently published Gazette.

Index of visa application charges for all subclasses

Subclass NumberVisa NameBase FeeApplicant >18Applicant <18
100 Partner$7,850$3930$1965
102 Adoption$2,710$1,355$680
103 Parent$4,425$2,215$1,110
114 Aged Dependent Relative$4,425$2,215$1,110
115Remaining Relative$4,425$2,215$1,110
116 Carer$1,825$915$455
117 Orphan Relative$1,160$830$415
143 Contributory Parent$370$190$90
143 Contributory Parent$2,710$1,355$680
143 Contributory Parent$4,225$1,425$715
151 Former Resident$4,025$2,015$1,005
155 Five Year Resident Return$410n/an/a
157 Three Month Resident Return$410n/an/a
159 Provisional Resident Return$210$110$50
173 Contributory Parent (Temporary)$2,850$1,425$715
186 Employer Nomination Scheme$4,115$2,060$1,030
187 Regional Sponsored Migration Schem$4,115$2,060$1,030
188 BIIP Extension streams (Provisional)$730$370$185
188 BIIP – Significant investor stream (Provisional)$8,925$4,465$2,235
188 BIIP – Entrepreneur stream (Provisional)$4,115$2,060$1,030
188 BIIP – any other applicant (Provisional)$6,085$3,045$1,520
189 Skilled – Independent$4,115$2,055$1,030
189 Skilled – Independent NZ stream$825$410$205
189 Skilled – Independent NZ second instalment$3,290$1,645$825
190 Skilled – Nominated$4,115$2,060$1,030
200 Refugee$3,005n/an/a
201 In-country Special Humanitarian$3,005n/an/a
202 Global Special Humanitarian$3,005n/an/a
203 Emergency Rescue$3,005n/an/a
204 Woman At Risk$3,005n/an/a
300 Prospective Marriage$7,850$3,930$1,965
400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist)$315$315$80
403 Temporary Work (International Relations)$315$315$80
405 Investor Retirement$370$190$90
407 Training$315$315$80
408 Temporary Activity$80$80$25
408 Temporary Activity$315$315$80
410 Retirement$415$210$105
417 Working Holiday$495n/an/a
445 Dependent Child$2,710$1,355$680
461 NZ Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)$370$190$90
462 Work and Holiday$495n/an/a
445 Dependent Child$2,710$1,355$680
461 NZ Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)$370$190$90
462 Work and Holiday$495n/an/a
476 Skilled – Recognised Graduate)$410$205$105
482 Temporary Skill Shortage$1,290$1,290$325
482 Temporary Skill Shortage$2,690$2,690$675
485 Temporary Graduate$660$330$170
485 Temporary Graduate$1,680$840$425
489 Skilled – Regional Provisional$365$185$90
489 Skilled – Regional Provisional$4,115$2,060$1,030
491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)$4,115$2,060$675
494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Prov)$4,115$2,060$1,030
500 Student$630$470$155
590 Student Guardian$630$470$155
600 Visitor$370n/an/a
602 Medical Treatment$320$160$80
801 Partner$470$235$120
801 Partner$1,660$830$415
801 Partner$1,310$660$325
801 Partner$7,850$3,930$1,965
802 Child$2,710$1,355$680
804 Aged Parent$4,425$2,215$1,110
808 Confirmatory$315$160$80
835 Remaining Relative$4,425$2,215$1,110
836 Carer$1,825$915$455
837 Orphan Relative$1,660$830$415
838 Aged Dependent Relative$4,425$2,215$1,110
858 Distinguished Talent$4,810$2,095$1,045
864 Contributory Aged Parent$370$190$90
864 Contributory Aged Parent$4,225$2,110$1,060
870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary)) visa$1,020n/an/a
870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary)) visa$4,070n/an/a
870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary)) visa$9,160n/an/a
884 Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary)$4,255$2,110$1,060
887 Skilled – Regional$425$210$110
888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)$2,935$1,470$730
890 Business Owner$370$190$90
891 Investor$370$190$90
892 State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner$370$190$90
893 State/Territory Sponsored Investor$370$190$90
20 Bridging B$160n/an/a

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